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กล้องวงจรปิด แบบโดม ยี่ห้อพานาโซนิค รุ่น WV-CF284

Super Picture Quality that Approaches Reality, Easy Installation, High Cost Performance.

The new

compact dome cameras from Panasonic are equipped with a recently-developed high-performance DSP that provides better image quality. Adaptive Black Stretch technology transforms dark areas into crisp images like those seen by the human eye. The WV-CF294 / WV-CF284 also provides easier installation including further accuracy and simple focus adjustment through a newly-developed Auto Back Focus* mechanism.

Also features high cost performance. The WV-CF294 / WV-CF284 can be used at a variety of sites including offices, retail stores, restaurants and shopping malls. * WV-CF294 only

Transforms dark areas into natural and crisp images

Adaptive Black Stretch

The image processing algorithm built into the newly-developed DSP enables the transformation of shadows and dark areas into natural and crisp images in real time. It can reproduce images that are more similar to human sight.

Reproducing clear images down to the smallest detail

Horizontal resolution of 540 TV lines in colour mode It can reproduce images clearly, down to the smallest detail, making it easier to Identify objects.

Powerful in low light

Minimum illumination intensity of 0.9 lux in colour mode Introduction of a new circuit provides high sensitivity at a minimum illumination intensity of 0.9 lux in colour mode. Clear and color monitoring is possible even in low light.

Day/Night feature

When surrounding areas dim, the mode automatically switches from colour to black and white while sensitivity is increased. Additionally, when the surrounding area brightens, the mode automatically switches back to colour.

* No IR filter shifting

Equipped with additional correction features

Both cameras are equipped with various correction features including Back-Light Compensation (BLC), Auto Tracing White Balance (ATW) and Automatic Light Control (ALC). These features enable installation in a wide-range of environments.

กล้องวงจรปิด cctv

ที่มา : http://www.bangkokcctv.com/



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